Complete marketing

Complete video marketing

$150 $90

Complete video marketing includes all of our features for successful video promotion, from 4 video designs to Google optimization pack.


  • 4x whiteboard animations approximately 1:30 minutes long
  • 8x keywords
  • Promotion on top 2 video tubes in the world
  • Video likes to all videos
  • Google optimization package

Delivery time: 7-21 days

Required info *

1. Description of your website, products and your website’s URL
2. Short example of an ad (text will be generated from your info)
3. Optional: Preferred colors in videos, pictures, preferred keywords…

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Product Description

Complete video marketing is the best value / price service from SeoVideoPromotion team. It covers every aspect of video marketing and everything is done by us, from start to the finish.

Top features:

1. Keyword research

We will analyze your website and products and find 8 optimal keywords that will bring you traffic and exposure. We use our private tools to make a complete professional keyword research!

2. Attractive videos

This package includes 4 unique videos that will promote your business. All videos will include your logo (from your website if you have one) and will be made in the same style as your website with attractive text, design, music and pictures.

3. Video promotion

All 4 videos will be promoted to top 2 world’s largest video sites which perform the best in search engines. All videos will have SEO optimized description and keyword in title. That means 8 attacked keywords all together. You will need your own Youtube account to upload videos.

4. SEO optimization for videos

Video results in Google are more attractive to potential visitors than URL results. Quality mixture of backlink structures is needed for videos to rank in search engines. We will include social signals and quality backlink sculpture with quality and unique contextual links in articles.

youtube google ranking

Best value:

  1. Keyword research = 30$
  2. 4 videos = 80$
  3. Video promotion = 20$
  4. SEO optimization = 40$

Total: 170$ 90$

5.00 out of 5

1 review for Complete video marketing

  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing service. I got more sales after my order was completed than I got whole previous month. Videos are attractive and made much better than I expected. 5 stars!

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